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Online pookkalam design competition for school students

Submit your pookalam design

  • Use registered email id
  • Last date of submission: 29th Aug.

Competition rules FAQ

Question 1

Who can participate?

Anyone can participate.

Question 2

Who is eligible to win prize?

Any school student who is currently enrolled in a school and is not above 10th standard is eligible to win prizes

Question 3

How many designs can I submit?

You can submit any number of designs but make sure you submit different file links for each design. The best one will be chosen for evaluation.

Question 4

How will I know whether I won the prize?

The winner will be announced in the Friends of Figma Instagram page. You will also be intimated directly in the registered phone number.

Question 5

How will my design be evaluated?

The design you submit will be evaluated based on criteria which include design quality, complexity & colour combinations by Friends of Figma team. Friends of Figma is an official Figma community.

Question 6

Why are we collecting teacher phone number?

The teacher who refers the maximum number of students wins an online teaching kit as a prize. We will also use the number to verify whether the winner is a student.

Question 7

How will we verify whether you are eligible to win?

We will request to produce the student id card and we will also cross verify with the referred teacher, if you are a winner.

Question 7

Can I participate if I am not from India?

Yes, you can participate from anywhere in the globe and you will be eligible to win prizes.

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