Our mission

When we launched SendExam, we were well aware that there are a lot of players in this market and many would consider us a late entrant. The companies that came before us paved the way, we truly believe most of them don't solve the problems that teachers actually face. One strict rule we have at SendExam is that whatever solution that we build has to be "very" simple to use, especially for a teachers who are mostly new to using softwares. We started this journey with a simple goal - help teachers create and share high quality exams, really fast, for free. We also realised that there were many teachers who felt the same way we did.

Teacher first model

  • Teaching as a job is one of those professions which acts as a key pillar to a countries growth, and more so in developing countries. So expecting teachers to pay money to use software is ridiculous.
  • Most of our competitor apps were built around revenue models of "charging per student", as opposed to a teacher-centric model.
  • Many of the existing players in the market do not provide high quality questions. Teachers are not data entry operators, nor do they have the time type down or solve every question. Providing high quality question bank plays a key role in making exam creation easy.

We do not have a board that decides what features to roll out to improve our revenue. We do not have massive advertising campaigns that force us to increase our revenue. We do not have consultants or strategists to guide us on how to grow our business. We listen to only one person, you. We value your feedback, your ideas, your patience and loyalty to build a product that truly serves you. If we want to be an anomaly , then we better start acting like an anomaly! For any business, if you're focused on your profits, then you’re not focused on your customer - commit to getting as close as possible to your customer, truly fall in love with the problem you solve for them, and then you won't lose. We understand that just being free does not guarantee success - we have to be the best. And to be best, we believe and practice a few values. Keep it Simple.

Things can get super complicated when you bring in Profit and Loss statements, 5-year financial projections and so on. We don't have any of that. It is simple. Build what a teacher needs to make conducting exams easy.

We do what is best for our users - not investors, not strategists.

We're a super small competent team and our resource requirement is really low. We build only those features that are exam focused and we do a deep research among our users to prioritise them. We do what is best for you to conduct exams efficiently.

We are continuously improving everything about ourselves. We aim to move from one level of perfection to the next


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