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Yes, SendExam is FREE

Yes, you read it right! But why?
We are on a mission to democratise world-class technology accessible for every teacher and student. We believe that our teachers deserve to use software that is easy to use and makes them more efficient.




For teachers who conduct exams occasionally for small classes

Upto 200 exam attempt.
Access to all features.



For teachers who conduct exam actively for large classes

Unlimited exam attempts
Access to all features.
Create exam

Features, all you need

Frequently asked questions

Question 1

Is SendExam free to use?

Yes, SendExam is completely free. You can conduct unlimited exams for unlimited number of students.

Question 2

Is there a limit on number of exams i can conduct?

No, there is no limit on number of exams.

Question 3

How good is the in-built question bank in SendExam?

The in-built question bank gives teachers the flexibility to create an exam in a very short time. The question bank is created and quality checked by teachers with expertise in the subject. The questions go through multiple levels of quality checks before getting added to the bank. Each question is classified by topic, subtopic, and subject, which makes it easy for searching.

Question 4

How to share exam link with students? Who can attempt and exam?

An exam link is created when you publish an exam. You can share the link through any other apps messaging like whatsapp or telegram. You can also copy the link and paste them in any learning management tools that you use like google classroom or moodle.

Question 5

Who can attempt an exam?

When you publish an exam, you can choose whether to let anyone attempt the exam or a batch of students that you have created in SendExam. If you chose public as your share settings, the link can be used to attempt the exam by anyone. If you connect a batch in the share settings, the link opens the exam only for students belonging to the batch. If shared with a batch, a student of the batch can see the exam when they log in to SendExam. An exam link gets created for both public and batch-connected exams.

Question 6

Is there a limit on the number of students who can be added to a batch?

No, there is no limit on number of students that can be added to a batch.

Question 7

Can I use SendExam on mobile and computer?

Yes, SendExam is developed to be used in both mobile and computer. Teachers can create an exam and students can attempt the exam easily using SendExam on mobile or computer browsers like chrome or firefox or any inbuilt browser.