7 reasons to use SendExam. It will help you achieve more as a teacher

SendExam Team
July 9, 2021

1. It is FREE !

SendExam is a free educational tool for teachers, students, and anyone looking to create online quizzes, exams, or surveys. You can conduct unlimited exams for an unlimited number of students. Teachers shaping the future of our country deserve the best tools to teach their students well. Our mission is to provide teachers with easy-to-use software.

2. In built Question Bank

We have a question bank with detailed explanation to the answers for all major school levels and public exams for the students following CBSE, ICSE, JEE Main and Advanced, NEET, BITSAT, etc. We are also adding more courses and public exams in due course. Currently, the question bank is limited to Indian courses only, but others can still use SendExam with their own questions. There are mainly three ways in which you can set the questions :

  • Add your own questions: You can create questions and their options as and when you wish to.
  • Bulk upload your questions: You can add the questions you have already prepared before in your system.
  • Add questions from bank: Inbuilt questions banks can be used to set up the quiz for the class level you prefer. There are over 1,600,000+ questions & their explanations.

3. Easy to Use

SendExam has a very user friendly, beautiful, modern User Interface. It provides explanations in each step of creation, making it as simple as using WhatsApp. It also has a provision to create sample exam without signing up and you can explore the quality of questions in the question bank right away. You can create an exam in just few minutes which gives you more time to teach instead of spending time making exams. We have made it very convenient to share exams with students with the choice of sharing the link publicly on WhatsApp, Facebook or Google Classroom or privately with the students in your batch created on SendExam. Learn to use SendExam for creating online exam

4. Student Performance Analysis

A real-time leaderboard and student performance analysis is done based on the time taken to complete an exam and their answering pattern. Difficulty levels are divided into "easy," "medium," and "hard," which teachers can select while creating an exam. A teacher can monitor his class's performance and give due focus to weak students while revising difficult topics with the class. The students learn better and work on areas of weakness.

5. Use on mobile and computer

We have made the SendExam platform-agnostic, as affordable and inclusive as possible for students and teachers to use it. We want our users to use devices based on availability and convenience. The user interface is intuitive, operable on both mobile and computer. The web version of SendExam can be used on a mobile browser just like you use the app. Some of the features, bulk uploading questions for example, are made specifically to be used on a computer to add a bunch of questions.

6. Prevent malpractice

It is very common for students to conduct malpractices by sharing answers with their friends via WhatsApp or any other social media. We can prevent cheating to a great extend by assigning an exam privately with a batch. Only students assigned to that particular batch will be able to open the exam link, this avoids students getting to know the question using a fake account before attempting the main account. You can also shuffle the questions and their options, this makes it difficult for them to communicate the options along with question numbers.

SendExam also provides advanced time control settings to restrict when a student must attempt the exam and see the result. Below listed are the advanced settings available to prevent malpractice,

Schedule time - the time after which students can start the exam.

Start before time - the time before which students have to start attempting the exam."Schedule time" along with "Start before time" will allow students to attempt an exam between a certain time period.

Result after time - the time after which students' results and answers are visible to them and this will allow you to publish results after you make sure all the students have attempted the exam.

7. Use with any LMS or teaching platform.

We all know how popular google classroom or Moodle is, these tools have very limited exam settings. You can add the exam link to google classroom just like how you add google meet/zoom/forms link for online classes and assignments. Irrespective of how you teach, online or offline, SendExam is helpful along with these tools too.

SendExam is therefore undoubtedly the best free exam software with which you can build your own online exam for your students. Teachers get the best teaching tool, students get free educational resources, and parents get peace of mind. So, don’t waste your time using tools that are not made for exams like google form or WhatsApp or making tests manually anymore. Let SendExam do the job for you. Create exam now!

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