How to conduct online exam using Google Forms?

SendExam Team
July 9, 2021

Google forms is the first tool that comes to anyones mind when thinking about conducting an exam. It is a simple and easy to use tool, though there are many shortcomings. Lets start with how google form can be used for conducting an online exam.

How to use google forms for conducting exam?

Google form is widely used by teachers to conduct exams online. Google form supports multiple question types like MCQ, subjective questions, etc. Google forms also have the facility to upload images in questions as well as answers which have made life easy for teachers and students who find it difficult to type using a phone or computer. All they need to do is write on paper and take a photo using google form. Google forms also have a quiz option where you can add marks to questions and their correct answer. This feature helps auto-correct the question upon submission. But this is limited to multiple-choice questions.

Here is how you enable quiz mode on google forms.

After the COVID pandemic started there has been a drastic change in how education is happening throughout the world. Technology played a crucial role in supporting these changes but not as expected. Not every software was designed for teachers, not every facility required for teachers was unavailable in these softwares. Many new facilities were launched but still, they were complicated for less technically savvy teachers. One such example is Google forms.

Limitations of Google forms

  • No time limit: Google Forms does not have an option to set a time limit. It is important to set a time limit to make testing process effective
  • No negative marking: Google form does not have an option for negative marking. An important aspect of competitive exam practice where the negative mark is a standard practice
  • No privacy control: Any student with the link can attend the exam
  • No question bank: Google form was not built for exams, hence no inbuilt question bank
  • No result analysis: Forms do not help the student understand their position compared to other students
  • No exam related functionalities: like exam instructions, Question revisit, Countdown timer

SendExam: Google form alternative for exams

SendExam is built with teachers and students in mind. The tool is as simple as google forms at the same time with all necessary features for teacher to manage and conduct examinations effortlessly

  • Easy to use: Simple interface just like google forms
  • Exam friendly: Screens are made for real exam experience with question revisit option and countdown timer for students
  • Share exam link: publicly or privately with a batch
  • Set a time limit: Exam can have a fixed time limit and exam can be turned on/off
  • Inbuilt question bank: for schools and major exams (Question bank currently available only for India)
  • Exam access restriction: Restrict access to a batch of students. You can organize your students as batches and restrict access only to a batch. Creating a batch is as simple as sharing a batch link with students. You don't have to manually add students
  • Subjective exam evaluation: Evaluate subjective exams easily and share result with students
  • Result analysis: Detailed with answer explanation and topper comparison

See step by step guide to conduct an online exam using SendExam. Video tutorial included

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